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If you hear the crowing of rooster in the morning, I believe that you only hear the standard one. Have you ever heard the singing rooster.
People has rooster as a pet with some reasons, some of them want to see the performance for fighting cock, some of only to be seen the beauty of it feather, and also the beauty of the sound.
What I want to show you is the native chicken of Indonesia, PELUNG ROOSTER.

Indonesia has many natural resources of flora and fauna. One type of native fauna of Indonesia is pelung chicken. The chicken is a fowl originaly from Cianjur West Java Indonesia. The characteristic of Indonesian native chicken with three identifying feature, first; second; floated long crowing sound, and the third; rapid growth and large body posture. Physically, the chicken that characterizes this Cianjur may seem large, it weight can reach 5-6 kg for adult roosters and height between 40 to 50 centimeters, with a rather thick feather.

Pelung chicken is a lot of pets kept as a hobby or business. The advantage of this chicken to other chickens makes this chicken often used as contest to be judged, whether of posture, color and sound. At first the contest is held among friends who are both fans of chicken pelung. Formerly this event is called kongkur (conqour) and until now the title is still often used by fans pelung chickens.Kongkur event is usually held between April to June and is held in a fields of trees and not too noisy. Each organization is always crowded kongkur witnessed by local residents. The criteria ratings ranging from health, shape, age, and sound.

Physically pelung chicken is not too different from the usual chicken, which is the typical and unique chicken  pelung is the sound when it crowing.When the chickens are treated and trained properly, it will generate sound so melodious to be heard. There is a crow with a long sound, there is a rhythmic and there is also a unique voice in the middle of it, for example "elu-ell-ell" "oooooook".

The advantage of them is what makes this chicken pelung known by the people, till overseas. For this reason, the local government does as much as they can to conserve it original purebred and promote chickens pelung's name as well, the contest is held each year followed by pelung chicken owners and lover in Indonesia. The best chicken pelung who won the contest could reach millions rupiah.

Genetic properties Chicken Pelung

Types of Poultry Chicken pelung as native chicken Indonesia has three excess properties genetically, namely voice crowed long and flowing, rapid growth and large body posture.

Best known is the sound of chickens pelung when it crows a beautiful and long.
To maintain this characteristic, the fans often hold contests pelung chickens that are often called kongkur (conqour).
Usually the criteria of this contest is judged on health, shape, color and sound.
Some aspects of performance assessed by looking at the state of the body front and back. The shape and color comb, shape and state of the eyes, nose, the shape of the beak, neck, and beak cache also get an appraisal.
Some aspects of assessment include the volume of sound, the duration of the crow (bundle), sound force (crowing front), middle sounds and final sounds (tungtung). Cock crowing pelung have a good front when the initial volume large, clean and long.
In the middle of crowing voice said to be good when the sound volume was large, clean and there is a change in sound between the initial sound toward the middle voice. Volume change is called bitu.While the final vote which is the crowing of the final syllable must be large-volume and clean.

In winning the contest, the key to success that can be done is to maximize the staples of chicken, such as idukan selection, seed treatment, selection and feeding, disease prevention to treatment before the contest. In addition, the hobbyist should have adequate knowledge in a nurturing, caring and trained chickens pelung that quality is better.
Had won the contest, not only the champion trophy obtained. Prices of chicken until the offspring becomes expensive. To get the chicken pelung titled champion, get ready to spend in up to USD 10-20 million per head. Prices are not cheaper than regular chicken. But for hobbyists price is comparable to the advandtage.
Now a days Chicken pelung, more and more popular and the public interest, and foreign tourists. In fact, a son of Japanese Emperor was interested to visit the village chicken pelung Warungkondang to look at the chicken farm. Pelung chicken as animal genetic resources (germplasm), it is important to be developed and preserved, as well as keeping the original heritage of Indonesia.

History of Chicken Pelung

There are two version of chicken pelung as below.

The first version is, the chickens was started to be raised in 1850 by a named Kiai H. Djarkasih, a resident of the Village Bunikasih, District Warung Kondang. He met with Eyang Suryakancana on his dream, who is the first son of the Regent Cianjur. In his dream he was ordered to take a cock in some else place. The next day when he was working the garden, he found a male chick big and tall. The chicken was raised and a year later he heard the sound of melodic and rhythmic crow.

The second version, in 1940 a resident of Village Jambudipa, District Warungkondang named H. Kosim was a visit to his Master. There he saw a hen was together with her children. One of the chicks look different, look bigger, higher and less hairy. Then the chicken was raised carefully about a year he heard that the rooster has a melodious sound.

Now the chickens pelung already widely cultivated in areas of Cianjur also almost all entire of  Java. The Local Government has states District Warungkondang, Pacet, Cugenang, Cianjur and Cempaka as the center of Pelung Preservation. It spend a lot of money to get a pelung rooster which has good sound, since it will reach 10-20 million rupiahs for one rooster. Regarding the female one worth 500 thousand to 800 thousand. The prices sounds crazy compare to ordinary chicken. But for those who love the hobby and uniqueness, this pelung chicken prices are comparable to it advantages.

If you want to hear the sound of this pet you can search at youtube

Well have a nice day.

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